Flagship Gaming is a members only, international community of active PC gamers. Following decades of enjoyment of all things gaming we decided to create this community to share our passion.

We have designed an environment not only to allow the enjoyment of your favourite multiplayer games, but to also allow you to experience the wider social aspects of this industry.

Since 2014 Flagship Gaming has gained traction, expertise and has developed a near obsession with each and every element of PC gaming. From news to in-game events, culture and technology we consistently look for the next big opportunity to further the enjoyment of this amazing online universe.


During 2013 a number of the founding members of Flagship Gaming met for the first time in a military combat game called Arma. We found ourselves seeking fresh, innovative ways to develop interesting and thought provoking scenarios, quite often taking to the water for our antics.

We became proficient in our ability to use the ocean to our advantage to a point that many started to take notice. As we grew it was clear that our loyalty, comradery and creativity was unmatched. The black flag was raised, our identity had completely changed and it remains to this day, thus ‘The Pirates’ were born.


Over the last few years Flagship Gaming has continued to grow. Not just in members but in spirit. We are now host to one of the most loyal and active group of PC gamers found anywhere in the world.

We pride ourselves in our ability to create a fun, safe and innovative place to enjoy your free time. We host frequent in and out of game events to enjoy each other’s company. Whether you arrive here to develop your skills in organised, team focused gameplay, or you are here purely looking to create long lasting and meaningful friendships with likeminded folk. We strongly believe we have something for you.


With the advancement of VR and artificial intelligence we are looking to develop the first ever crew of alien space Pirates with a view to world domination.

To be honest, who knows with regards to 20+ years? That is the beauty of being involved in an exciting and ever changing industry.

What we can guarantee is that in the short term we most definitely have some big plans! We will continue to grow and develop and remain focused on our core values with the unending goal of having fun.

Message in a bottle

Ahoy there landlubber, toss a message into the murky deep and we will get back to yarr!


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